Louis Vuitton poses the first promo of a new Foundation

The futuristic structure of architect Frank Gehry seemed to float like a ship on the blue background of the sky above the Bois de Boulogne. It was the new Louis Vuitton Foundation, which was the exceptional setting of the Vuitton spring/summer 2015 parade.


This Foundation, devoted to modern and contemporary art and as Bernard Arnault will open to the public on October 27, was more than a sensational architectural spectacle. It was also a great showcase for the second collection that NicolasGhesquière drew for the House.
This would lead the creator towards modernist ornaments, something as extraordinary as the play of light that lit the room dark where took place the presentation, as mirrored exterior water bodies?
Tension mounted until the beginning of the show, with the faces of models drawn in holograms LED which of their digital voice, ticked list of 3 600 glass panels and some 15,000 tonnes of steel used to build the structure in which we were sitting with goodwood promo code .
And after? “The Sound of Silence”, referring to the years Simon & Garfunkel, and the podium of the reincarnation of Edie Sedgwick, muse of Andy Warhol in the 1960s died prematurely in 1971, year of the birth of Ghesquière.
What followed was casual outfits: clerical collar lace dresses that had the texture ofmacrame, jean printed retro illustrations of hair dryer, Eyelash curler and Cadillac. Orpants and the richly decorated velvet tops. All excellently executed and full ofdynamic details. And almost all of the girls wore a bag in hand.
“I was not looking for a radical break with my previous collection, first I want to define my image of the cool girl,” said Ghesquière.
Louis Vuitton poses the first stone of a new Foundation
In any case, he knows how to capture the look of the moment: impeccably cuttrousers, coordinates apparently simple made to perfection in sumptuous fabrics,boots of different heights. And the bags, oh how desirable.
Louis Vuitton poses the first stone of a new Foundation promo.
It was easy to find among them the future bestseller: a small bag cowhide leather corrugated with a soft corner, like one worn by Delphine Arnault, Deputy Director General of Vuitton.
It would be unfair to both the Vuitton House and its current creator to evoke the past seasons of Balenciaga, where Ghesquière has spent half of his fifteen year career before appearing on the front of the stage.
Since he did revive the 1970s and 1980s, I rather thought an old Balenciaga collection,inspired by twenty thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne, to the time where a tiny team had mounted throughout the event. And at a more recent – and most perverted – exploration of work clothes, presented in a futuristic office of the Seventies.